Home About Us Our People Leadership Team Deirdre Roche Deirdre is an accomplished IT Professional with over 20 years ICT experience. In her role as Head of Business Management, Deirdre sits on the Managed Services senior leadership team. She provides and oversees the systems and controls required to successfully manage our complex business, leveraging her strong financial and commercial acumen. Deirdre’s experience in the IT industry is wide ranging. Coming from a technical and programme delivery background, she has extensive experience using technology to solve business problems. Accordingly, Deirdre has an innate and in-depth knowledge of our business. Deirdre is consistently striving to improve how Ergo does business end to end, from streamlining processes within the organization, to facilitating our organizational development, with the aim of improving every interaction a customer has with Ergo. She is people-oriented and passionate about Customer Experience, combining this with her love of data to inform the right decisions for everyone.

Deirdre Roche

Deirdre Roche

Head of Business Management, Managed Services

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Deirdre Roche

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