Evaluate and reduce the risk that comes with storing your most valued assets

Data Security

Data security v perimeter security?

Data Security is a process of protecting files, databases, and accounts on a network by adopting a set of controls, applications, and techniques that identify the relative importance of different datasets, their sensitivity, regulatory compliance requirements and then applying appropriate protections to secure those resources.

Similar to other approaches like perimeter security, file security or user behavioral security, data security is not the be all, end all for a security posture. It’s one method of evaluating and reducing the risk that comes with storing your most valued asset, i.e. your data.

Why you need data security?

So why does Data Security make more sense?

Broadly speaking, your data is your key business asset, this is what you care most about.  Taking a data-centric approach to security should make more sense, especially when traditional perimeter or “user-centric” approaches are failing: they focus on questions like:

  • Is this user permitted to access this data?
  • Is this person authorized to be on this network?
  • Is this person abusing system resources?

But once authorized to be on the network, users have historically had little controls to overcome, particularly if compromised.  Segmenting Data Stores or Application Server networks from user devices, having a log of all activity of users activity on data, using that information to ensure user access is least permissive, automating reaction to anomalous user behavior all align with a data-centric approach to security.

A data-centric security model is a practical way of approaching security around what is most important to the organization, whilst at the same time addressing a significant number of risk and compliance concerns.

Ergo Data Security solutions

Ergo focuses its data security efforts and knowledge, around solutions which focus on an organizations key data repositories.  We help our customers address security from a zero-trust perspective using tooling to provide the following: User Behavioral Analytics, Micro-Segmentation, security insertion in workloads on creation, ensuring security profile follows workloads as they traverse platforms up to and including Datacenters and delivering least permissive access.

VMware NSX

Ergo partner with VMware bringing NSX to the market. VMware NSX is the network virtualization platform for the software-defined Datacenter. By bringing the operational model of a virtual machine to you Datacenter network, you can transform the economics of network and security operations.

NSX lets you treat your physical network as a pool of transport capacity, with network and security services attached to VM’s with a policy driven approach.

Automation: Automate networking and security services to remove operational bottlenecks across any application platform or framework.

Multi-Cloud Networking: Bring networking and security consistency across heterogeneous sites and streamlines multi-cloud operations.

Security: Application-centric security is delivered at the workload level to prevent the lateral spread of threats.

Cloud-Native Apps: Enable native networking and security for containerized workloads across application frameworks.

Compliance: Reduce scope of compliance by isolating the systems that store, process, or transmit sensitive data.

Varonis Security Platform

Ergo has been Varonis’s sole partner in Ireland since 2011 and provides full pre-sales and post sales capabilities and experience around their Security Platform. Ergo has expanded its customer base across Europe and North America and is one of a limited number of global Varonis certified professional service partners.

Compliance: Automates a significant element of access compliance requirements and also facilitates the automation of controls around privilege user accounts etc.

GDPR: Assists with the identification and controls around access of GDPR and sensitive data across an organization.

Security: With user behavioral analytics, threat intelligence and rule-based triggers Varonis can identify, alert and remediate security breaches as they happen.

Quarantine Data: Varonis can lift and shift sensitive data to a quarantine area for review.

Cloud: With Office 365 and SAAS provider support we can address cloud-first environments with appropriate controls.

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