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As internal and external compliance requirements impact more and more IT organizations, the need to involve or devolve responsibility for access control is vital. Ultimately these business users are the ones who know: what the data is, how sensitive it is, who currently has access to the data, who should or shouldn’t have access, and what controls are needed to protect and adhere to compliance requirements. In alignment with this, organizations need to layer security best practices, reduce exposure by minimizing permissions, analyze user behaviors, and automate responses to compliance/security compromise indicators.

Ergo can help you with these compliance and security requirements by focusing controls and remediation, not on the perimeter but a customer’s key data assets. We take a data-centric approach to better understand the data, gain insight into the risks associated with it, and put controls in place to give confidence to the business that they are fulfilling compliance needs and increasing security and reducing risk.

Business Critical Security

With organizations becoming more porous than before, security must follow the data source. Ergo helps customers reduce risk by taking a data-centric approach, putting controls in place not just at the perimeter but throughout the environment, on-premise or in the cloud.

We can help you to address security in a zero-trust environment utilizing: User Behavioral Analytics, Micro-Segmentation, security insertion in workloads on creation, ensuring security posturing follows workloads as they traverse platforms and even Datacenters, delivering the least permissive access.


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“Working with Asystec is always an outstanding experience. The support they delivery of our Storage Operations Service to the business as well as providing pre and post sales engineering expertise around Storage, DR, Backup, and Archiving is second to none. Communication is strong at every stage, with the local support and account management providing daily support to our mid-range and storage teams. The Technical Team bring a level of service that cannot be matched, and I could not be happier with the quality of their work.  We look forward to the partnership evolving as the Bank continues to address market opportunities and challenges into the future.”

– Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Financial Services

"We have been partnering with Asystec since their inception in 2011, and they have truly proved themselves as a key strategic partner since that time. Asystec bring to the partnership a level of knowledge, skills and accreditation’s that is second to none. Asystec’s team comprises of best in practice individuals, constantly upskilling and developing the expertise required to be recognised as one of our key partners. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Asystec."

– Country Manager, Technology Vendor

“Asystec have provided us with nothing short of exceptional service. The stand out feature of working with Asystec is the relationship that is built, and the manner in which they nurture and maintain that relationship. This, coupled with their numerous technical accreditations (particularly Signature Partner with EMC), means that they add a huge amount of value to our IT team. I wholeheartedly recommend Asystec as an asset to any organisation. The team at Asystec helps us have closer integration with our Vendors at all levels, the recent recognition at the EMC Technical partner awards for Technical Person of the Year to one of the Asystec team is well deserved. I wanted a partner that went beyond just the delivery of equipment and I have that with Asystec – a true partnership.”

– Patrick McDonagh, Senior IS Infrastructure Manager, Boston Scientific

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Our Partners

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