Asystec launch new environmental programme ‘Clean Green’

Today Asystec announce their new environmental programme ‘Clean Green’. The Clean Green programme was designed by the company to improve the organisations impact on the environment by motivating their people, teams and departments to support environmentally friendly behaviours, attitudes and initiatives.

To mark the launch Asystec invited sustainable entrepreneur Lynn Haughton from ‘The Upcycle Movement’ to join them and speak to the employees regards the importance of sustainability and being conscious of our duty to look after this earth. Each employee was also gifted with a laptop sleeve that had been upcycled/repurposed from old wetsuits.

Understanding personal responsibility for environmental impacts is the principle of this programme.

Its small steps that can make a big difference. We know protecting the planet starts with the individual but we also know, together, is how we make the real change.” says Pamela O’Brien Asystec Marketing Executive. “Some staff are already very aware of environmental issues and have implemented those small steps of change in their own homes and lives,  Asystec want to allow them to extend that in their workplace, and for those that are less aware, the Clean Green programme is a fantastic starting point”.

Internal employee education on being more environmentally conscious; rebranding of all company bins to better showcase what can be composted and recycled; commuting for work in an environmentally friendly way, and switching off and unplugging electronic devices are the key trends of the Clean Green communication calendar. Bike to work schemes and teleconferencing alternatives are also used to reduce unnecessary travel by car.

As the company continues to grow, Asystec are mindful of their environmental footprint and the impact on local communities, and they are proactively seeking environmentally responsible ways to better operate the business.

This is not just a tick box activity for us” says Les Byrne Asystec Managing Director, “We’ve only got one planet and we want to do all we can to protect it. This is a step in the right direction, but we also know that as a company we can do more to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce waste and so it’s something we will continue to work on.

Asystec established their commitment to a cleaner future during a recent office refurbishment of both the Limerick and Dublin offices. The new offices host energy efficient and automatic time-lapse lighting to ensure lighting is in operation only when rooms are occupied, and heating and cooling is also limited to areas and times where occupants are present.

Find out more about our Clean Green Programme on our Corporate Social Responsibility page.